WebRTC is one of the things I’m really excited and passionate about, few months ago I was looking for a job related to that and I found one where they develop a platform for having one-on-one debate right in the browser. Now I’ve applied to several jobs before but I read somewhere (can’t remember) that when applying its best to go out of your way to impress your employer ahead and show how you’re really passionate about what they are working on. Before, I would just send in my resume and some links to code and call it a day. But I realized if you really want to seal the job, make it easier for them to decide.

So I did some research on what they are doing and the app itself that they are developing. Their site was still a landing page since I’m guessing its still being developed but I managed to get a glimpsed on some mockups of the app so I thought, wouldn’t it be nice If I could show them a working prototype of their app instead of just resume and links. So I send in my application and when I was scheduled for an interview (day after tomorrow), I spent the time in between prototyping the app. The night before the interview I had a working prototype, here’s a screenshot:


Basically there’s two panes, first to speak is the one on the left. User speaks for 30 seconds or less then once they’re done user on the right have the mic and they can speak for the same amount of time until both parties consumed their 30 seconds and debate is over.

Its called peer-battle, you can checkout the repo there, and although the code isn’t in their very best, it works for a prototype. Of course since this is WebRTC, it uses my very own signalbouncer as a signaling server.

And then the interview happened, the usual dance and I was waiting for them to ask If I had anything working I could show them. Deep inside I’ve been patiently waiting, then they asked so I was excited to show it. And surprise surprise, they loved it! And although I end up not pursuing the job, I had ton of fun working and showing the prototype.

So the next time you have an interview, go way and beyond to show them what you have. It makes a big difference, and although ultimately the decision is theirs, this is one factor you can surely influence.